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29 August 2021

ShopeePay celebrating local delights this Merdeka


ShopeePay celebrating local delights this Merdeka


The Merdeka celebration may be a tad different this year but one thing we know that will lift every Malaysian’s spirit is food… and with discounts! So we scoured around looking for really mouth-watering deals and we came across the Merdeka Local Delights campaign via “Deals Near Me” on the Shopee app.


Here are a few that we think will bring some gastronomic fireworks to your Merdeka celebration. 



Secret Recipe


A staple tenant in most malls in Malaysia, Secret Recipe remains the place to go to satisfy one's cake cravings - especially their Chocolate Banana Cake which is still raved about till today. Enjoy RM10 cashback when you purchase a minimum of RM50 through ShopeePay at the outlet. Take this opportunity to sample their Shinjuku Bake series and indulge in piping hot soft cake with ice cream!




This local fried chicken brand has grown to become a local go-to for those seeking a fried chicken treat, especially with a side of their crispy onion rings. We’ve seen Marrybrown stepping up their game with their pink bun burgers and Nasi Lemak campaign which made its way into the Malaysian Book of Records. In celebration of Merdeka, Marrybrown is offering users RM5 cashback with a minimum spend of RM15!






For those who fancy rotisserie chicken, Ayamas is currently offering their newly released Salted Egg flavoured roast chicken from just RM9.90!! Even better, ShopeePay is offering RM3 cashback with a minimum spend of RM5 for you to enjoy at any of their participating outlets.


HOMI Curry Puff


Any big crispy curry puff lovers out there? Curry puffs hold a special place in the hearts of Malaysians and we definitely have a separate stomach just for it. Looking very much like a local version of croissants, HOMI is offering RM1 for a single curry puff when you purchase its voucher for just 1 sen!



OLDTOWN White Coffee


OLDTOWN White Coffee is celebrating this Merdeka with a few mouthwatering promotions. With the cost of 1 sen, you can now enjoy RM6 cashback with a minimum spend of RM18!


What’s more is that they’re also offering signature dishes for up to 55% off!! Time to drop by the nearest (only selected) OLDTOWN White Coffee branch for a yumcha session, but let’s not forget to follow SOPs.


Nam Heong


Can’t travel to Ipoh for some freshly baked egg tarts? Don’t worry because Nam Heong has you covered!


Nam Heong is giving you RM4 cashback when you spend a minimum of RM15, all at the cost of 1 sen. You can also get any of their pastries for just RM2.50 per piece, exclusively available on Deals Near Me.





What’s better than a weekend brunch over banana leaf rice?


Enjoy a RM4 cashback ShopeePay voucher when you spend a minimum of RM10 at any BananaBro outlets. Be it fish curry, fried chicken or lamb varuval, don’t forget to get yourself some bitter gourd chips and papadom to go with it. To complete the experience, make sure you get a shot of rasam to wash it all down.





The smell of freshly baked coffee buns brings Malaysians a sense of nostalgia. We’d journey back to our worry-free school days and till date, the taste of Rotiboy brings joy that fellow Malaysians can understand.


Feeling a little restless from being cooped up at home? Why not start your day with a freshly baked Rotiboy and enjoy RM3 cashback when you spend a minimum of RM5.


If we were to list down all the promotions available on Deals Near Me, this may take us till tomorrow. So why don’t you hop onto your Shopee app now, and check out the endless list of ShopeePay vouchers! The Merdeka Local Delights campaign ends 31 August.


Remember to read the terms and conditions carefully of each voucher.

Selamat Hari Merdeka!

27 August 2021

Purple Cane Malaysia's #1 Tea Mooncakes Are Back!

月十五 <On the Fifteenth Night>







The fifteen night reveals

A moon in spectacular view,

Reflected in its fullest glory

By a pot of premium brew.

May peace and happiness

Fill each and every moment. 

As Mid Autumn approaches, it's that time of the year where Malaysia’s #1 Tea Mooncakes make their appearance. Bridging generations of tea lifestyle both young and old, near and far with freshly baked tea infused local traditional delicacy. Curated with less sugar, less oil and no preservatives, Purple Cane Tea Mooncakes are the finest Halal health-tea mooncake choice around! 

Embodying traditional texture and flavors, there are up to 12 unique classic tea flavors and 2 NEW flavors to choose From our classic jade green tea baked skin to unique rose tea and nanyang delights, both baked skin and filling are infused with the perfect tea selection. Delicate and delightful with each bite, there is definitely one for both the old and young. Each individual mooncake is packed in Purple Cane’s signature nanyang style design with lantern riddles and Cane’s Tea Bag for the complete Mid-Autumn celebration.

What better way to send your warm wishes of peace and happiness with a kaleidoscope selection of the best tea mooncakes this Mid-Autumn? Send a box or two to your loved ones this year to brighten up their day and fill each and every moment with peace and happiness. Delivering joy to all with the burst of colors, all-natural premium ingredients for the hope of good health too. Looking for mooncake gift sets? This year take your pick between our specially curated 6-in-1. 4-in-1, 3-in-1 and also 2-in-1 Tea Mooncake Gift Boxes with up to 40% savings! 

Best Gift Choices👉 https://bit.ly/PurpleCaneTeaMooncake

Best Tea Pairing That You Shouldn’t Miss!
Other Mid-Autumn Promotions! | Limited Time Tea Collections 

  1. Buy 1 Free 2 / up to 55% OFF
    Our seasonal selection for daily health essentials.
    Choose between: Huang Jin Gui / Jin Fei Cui / Puer Tea / Green Tea / Lychee Black Tea / Jasmine Green Tea

  2. PWP Special Tea Deals
    Natural beauty boosting flower tea. Grab these hot sellers at a special price! Choose from: Baby Chrysanthemum / Rose / Grape Puer 

  3. Green Tea Pumpkin Seeds Set / 14% OFF
    The healthier snack choice. Package includes: 3 cans of special selected pumpkin seeds roasted with green tea powder

  4. NEW! Snow Jasmine Flower Tea and Orchid Scented Green Tea @ RM99
    Watch tea leaves dance this Mid Autumn with these two new tea additions. Elegant and relaxing, both are calming with fragrant aroma that is sure to delight.

  5. Oolong Tea Bundle: Cha Wang Gan + Zi Zhu Lan /  up to 34% OFF
    Sweet, mellow and smooth. Bask in the gentle embrace of autumn tea fragrance 

Purple Cane Tea Mooncakes are now available until 21 September 2021 online via Purple Cane E-Shop (www.purplecane.my) and in all Purple Cane Tea Art Centres nationwide (https://www.purplecane.my/pages/our-stores

Purple Cane Tea Mooncakes are also available on Shopee! Don’t miss out on Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day Sales for more discounts and exclusive vouchers! Remember to claim your vouchers from Purple Cane Official Shopee Store and enjoy 10% off your purchase with a minimum spend of RM100 too. Additionally, users who checkout with ShopeePay for their Purple Cane orders on www.purplecane.my will receive RM3 cashback daily with minimum spend of RM15. This offer is valid once per day per user. All bonus campaigns will be automatically terminated once fully redeemed. Terms and conditions apply.

Enjoy FREE Shipping within West Malaysia with minimum spend of RM100. For new customers, get FREE Shipping with your 1st purchase (for West Malaysia orders). Place your orders before 1/9/2021 (East Malaysia) & 3/9/2021 (West Malaysia) to receive your mooncakes in time for Mid-Autumn Festival. Hurry now while stocks last!

* * * * *


Purple Cane Holdings Sdn.Bhd. (298681 V) established in 1987, with innovative spirit integrated with ambitious and enterprising individuals, aiming at going through a cultural passage. According to Purple Cane founder Mr. Lim Hock Lam, the definition of cultural business establishment: is a human activity of the integration of soul, mind and practices. In a culture scene, it is a sublimation of cultural resources, promoting its productivity from low to high through one or more virtual processes or innovation that consequently and incessantly contribute to systematic and value cultural development in human community. A cultural business establishment entrepreneur or organisation is an individual or institution involved in cultural activity as an obligation and lifestyle.

Owing to its unique positioning and persistence in the tea art concept, Purple Cane soon made a name for itself and captured the public's attention. In 1996, Purple Cane established Malaysia's largest tea art centre at the heart of the city. Located at Jalan Sultan, the tea art centre is a one-stop tea lovers' heaven, complete with a wide range of tea, tea service, brewing utensils, as well as tea-related products such as tea books, tea music, tea snacks and tea decor. A milestone in the tea industry of Malaysia is firmly in place.

Since 1999, Purple Cane has been opening contemporary tea art centres in large shopping centres. There are altogether 16 tea art centres to date, and they are located at the major shopping malls and individual stores in Malaysia. The outlets adopt a minimalist style. In a zen-inspired environment, one goes back to the basics and appreciates "the beauty of simplicity".

Meanwhile, professional tea art instructors are present at each shop, providing services of high quality which meets with the diverse requirements of modern lifestyle. Today, Purple Cane embraces the spread of tea culture as its core task. It is hoped that tea, with its popularity that transcends ethnic divides, could act as a cultural bridge that leads to mutual understanding and harmony .

22 August 2021

Jimat even more with ShopeePay when you order at KFC or Pizza Hut

 Jimat even more with ShopeePay when you order at KFC or Pizza Hut


There was a time when salted egg fish skin was all the rage, and there was no stopping anyone from getting their hands on the addictive snack. 


Now we get to try the crispy fried chicken skin from KFC (yasssss!) that was launched a few weeks ago! People have been talking about it and the Chicken Skin Snek Jimat Kombo, and the ASMR videos by fellow Malaysians did not make it any easier for our growling tummies. 


If you have not tried it yet, don’t worry because it’s not too late! 


Plus, here’s how you can jimat even more when you visit KFC. We got to know that there is a RM2 cashback with a minimum spend of RM5 when you pay with ShopeePay at KFC if you buy the KFC ShopeePay Voucher from the Deals Near Me portal.



When we were searching for KFC on Shopee, we also found very interesting deals from Pizza Hut. This is one place we used to hang out with our friends for birthday celebrations or visit with our parents for a nice makan-makan. Ahhh the good ol’ days. 


Turns out, you can get RM3 off on Pizza Hut’s new Hand Crafted Crust Pizza. Take a break from all the cooking and treat yourself or the family to a nice, warm pizza and a movie. 





If you fancy other pizzas, there is also a RM3 cashback when you spend a minimum of RM6. Make sure to check which outlet nearest to you that is offering these deals!


Get these vouchers for only 1 sen at Shopee’s Deals Near Meportal, and enjoy the cashback when you pay with ShopeePay at the outlet.  


Remember to also read the terms and conditions before using it!

19 August 2021

Maksud nama Faiha Ulya

 Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera

Anak dah masuk 2 tahun lebih pun. Tapi takpe la kan kalau kongsi maksud nama sekarang pun hihihi. 

Faiha Ulya bin Nadzri - Bauan yang wangi dari syurga yang paling tinggi

Faiha bermaksud bauan yang wangi dari syurga

Ulya pula bermaksud paling tinggi

Faiha Ulya

Pernah ternampak maksud nama ni dalam buku erti nama anak. Tapi ada jugak yang tulis Faiha ni maksudnya "Banyak Kelebihan" wallahualam

Nama Faiha Ulya dipilih sebab rasakan dia anugerah Allah yang turun dari syurga yang paling tinggi. Kehadiran dia dalam rahim pun tanpa diketahui. Secara jujurnya kami suami isteri memang gunakan kaedah perancang keluarga. Sebab masa tu saya sambung belajar. Dan takde terfikir nak tambah anak sebab takut tak boleh fokus pada anak baby pulak. Takut dia terabai.

Yela masa tu memang rasa macam struggle sangat study. Nak siapkan assignment, nak pergi kelas. Balik rumah pun selalu lambat. Nak susukan anak, pam susu. Takut sangat terabaikan anak anak.

Tapi yela kan kadang kalau kita menolak sangat, Allah mesti bagi waktu tu. Untuk uji kita. Jujur cakap memang sangat tak bersedia masa tau dia ada. Sebab kita memang merancang kan. Tapi tula kita terlupa. "Kun Fa Ya Kun" kalau Aku kata jadi maka jadilah ia. Walaupun rancang macam mana sekali pun.

Alhamdulilah suami banyak support, banyak jaga, sebulan anak dalam rahim baru saya bagitau family members yang lain. Bukan menidakkan kehadiran anak tapi untuk gain moral dan semangat diri sendiri dulu. Nak pulak masa mengandungkan dia saya memang alah teruk sangat.

Tapi tula Allah nak pujuk hati tu. Dia hadirkan anak perempuan untuk kami. Anak perempuan yang memang kami tunggu2 sangat kehadiran dia. Allah tu baik kan. 

Kerana rasa yang dia ni hadiah dari Allah yang datang dari syurga paling tinggi. Kami sepakat berikan nama tu pada dia. 

lagi pun dua anak memang nama pangkal F dan U. Makanya anak ketiga pun berikan pangkal nama yang sama. barulah boleh jadi Abi Ummi Triple F.U hihihihi. 

18 August 2021

Apom Lenggang

 Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera

Apom Lenggang Cheese

Dulu kalau pergi Tawas selalu nampak Chinese jual kuih ni. Tertanya2 kuih apa la tu nampak ramai jugak Chinese beli tapi takde la kita teringin kan cuma nampak unik sebab orang melayu takde makan kuih ni. Masa tula sebab tak pernah berhijrah keluar kampung kan masa tu


Duduk kedah jumpa Muslim jual kuih ni haaaa. Orang melayu kita dekat jeti Kola Kedah. Sedap rupanya tambah pulak makan panas panas baru lepas masak. Sejak musim semua benda tambah cheese, kuih ni pun dorang tambah cheese jugak. Pun sedap jugak not bad. Tapi tula apa nama ntah kuih ni lupa dah 😂😂😂


Tawas tu market dekat kampung, kami kat sana tak panggil market tapi panggil Tawas. Kawasan tu sebenarnya nama Kampung Tawas sebenarnya tapi tula dari kecik memang mama papa sebut Tawas Tawas. Makanya lekat la sampai sekarang ni Tawas.


Korang biasa makan tak?

17 August 2021

Shopee laksanakan program vaksinasi untuk kakitangan di seluruh syarikat bagi melindungi para pekerja dan pembeli

 Shopee laksanakan program vaksinasi untuk kakitangan di seluruh syarikat bagi melindungi para pekerja dan pembeli

Usaha diperkukuhkan bagi membantu rakyat Malaysia membeli-belah tanpa rasa bimbang menjelang 9.9 Hari Pembelian Hebat


KUALA LUMPUR, 17 Ogos 2021 - Dalam usaha meningkatkankomitmennya bagi memerangi Covid-19, Shopee hari ini telahmengumumkan penyertaannya dalam program vaksinasi sektorswasta agar kakitangan mereka mendapat vaksin sepenuhnya dan dilindungi daripada virus tersebut.


Shopee memaklumkan bahawa pihaknya telah memberi keutamaankepada petugas barisan hadapan daripada perkhidmatan logistiknya,Shopee Express, dan juga kakitangan yang bekerja di gudangmemandangkan mereka menghadapi risiko tertinggi dan berkemungkinan besar paling banyak berinteraksi dengan para pembeli.


Mengulas mengenai inisiatif iniTerence Pang, Ketua PegawaiOperasi di Shopee berkata, “Kakitangan kami merupakan tulangbelakang organisasi iniKeselamatan merekaberserta keselamatanpara penggunaadalah keutamaan kami terutamanya apabila wabakini terus memberi kesan kepada kehidupan rakyat Malaysia. Kami berusaha untuk menjaga kesihatan dan kesejahteraan warga kerjakami dengan lebih baik dari segi melawan Covid-19 melalui inisiatifini, dan pada masa yang sama menyumbang kepada matlamatnegara untuk mencapai imuniti kelompok."


Langkah ini juga merupakan sebahagian daripada jaminan Shopee kepada penggunanya dalam memberikan pengalaman membeli-belah atas talian yang lebih baik dan selamat dengankebergantungan terhadap e-dagang yang semakin meningkat. Pang berkongsi, “Usaha ini kini lebih penting dengan musim membeli-belah akhir tahun yang kian menjelang, yang sentiasa menjaditumpuan rakyat dan perniagaan-perniagaan di negara ini. Kami ingin memainkan peranan demi membantu semua orang membeli-belah tanpa rasa bimbang dan membantu perniagaan-perniagaantempatan menjual dengan lebih mudah dan yakin. 9.9 menandakanbermulanya musim membeli-belah dan saya berharap agar denganmenjadikan aktiviti pembelian dan penjualan lebih selamat, kami dapat membawa senyuman kepada lebih ramai rakyat Malaysia.”


Komitmen ini dilaksanakan menjelang 9.9 Hari Pembelian Hebatoleh platform e-dagang tersebut yang merupakan festival pertamadaripada empat festival membeli-belah akhir tahunnya.


9.9 Hari Pembelian Hebat yang akan datang, yang bakalberlangsung dari 20 Ogos hingga hari kemuncak pada 9 September, turut membawakan pelbagai tawaran istimewa kepada semuapenggunanya. Para pembeli boleh menikmati baucar PenghantaranPercuma dan baucar Pulangan Tunai Syling Shopee 99%, di mana kedua-duanya dapat dinikmati tanpa pembelanjaan minimum. Paling menarik sekali, para pengguna juga berpeluang memenangisebuah Mercedes-Benz baharu dengan mengambil bahagian dalampermainan Main & Menang Mercedes-Benz dengan mengumpultiket emas setiap hari.


Memandangkan tarikh 25 Ogos hampir tiba, Shopee juga akanmengadakan Ogos 25 Jualan Hari Gaji yang akan menampilkanRM25 Knockout Deals di mana para pembeli boleh mendapatkanbarangan seperti Samsung Galaxy A12, Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, kerusi permainan ergonomik Armaggeddon Shuttle II Premium PU Leather Ultimate Gaming Chair dan banyak lagi pada hanya RM25. 


Selain daripada program vaksinasi untuk kakitangannya, Shopee telah berjuang dalam memerangi penularan pandemik ini sejakbermulanya Covid-19.


Shopee telah memperuntukkan 1 juta pek baucar Shopee bernilaiRM40 setiap satu menerusi kempen #ShopeeAjakVaksin untukmemberi ganjaran kepada penerima vaksin Covid-19 di pusatvaksinasi terpilih di seluruh negara, bagi mendorong orang ramaimenepati temu janji vaksinasi mereka. Pada tahun lepas, Shopee bersama dengan Persatuan Perubatan Malaysia (MMA) telahmengumpul kira-kira RM1 juta menerusi sebuah tabung bantuansumbangan orang ramai bagi menyokong petugas barisan hadapankesihatan negara.


Bagi komuniti perniagaan, Pang menyatakan bahawa platform e-dagang tersebut telah memperkenalkan Pakej Bantuan PeniagaShopee bernilai RM15 juta pada bulan April 2020 bagi membantuperniagaan-perniagaan tradisional yang menghadapi masalah alirantunai disebabkan oleh pelaksanaan perintah kawalan pergerakan. “Berikutan itu, kami memperkenalkan Pakej Pembangunan Marketplace Shopee yang memberi manfaat baucar kedai dan kreditiklan hingga RM1,600 demi membantu penjual Shopee yang sediaada untuk berkembang di platform iniKedua-dua inisiatif ini bukansahaja mendorong digitalisasi PMKS tempatan tetapi juga mengurangkan kesan buruk daripada wabak ini terhadap perniagaanmereka."


Beliau menambahselain itu Shopee juga membantu para penggunadengan menawarkan baucar penghantaran percuma melalui kempen"Stay Home, Stay Safe" untuk memberi rakyat Malaysia akseskepada barang keperluan seperti bahan makanan segar dan bekubahan memasakminumanmakanan ringan dan bijirin, susu formula, lampinproduk penjagaan diribarang keperluan rumahmakanan haiwan peliharaan dan peralatan bagi melakukan kerja darirumah secara atas talian.


Beli-belah tanpa rasa bimbang pada 9.9 Hari Pembelian Hebat ini di https://shopee.com.my/m/99.

Shopee employees showing their vaccination shots on their arms and vaccination appointments on the MySejahtera app

An employee from Shopee’s logistic arm, Shopee Express successfully received his first dose of vaccine at the RiVAC vaccination centre in Mid Valley  

Photo 4: Another Shopee Express employee posing at the photo booth at the RiVAC vaccination centre after receiving his shot

#ShopeeAjakVaksin voucher packs being distributed at the UiTM Puncak Alam Mega PPV  

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