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14 May 2023

Top Malaysian Pick: Dishwasher Review


Dishwashers are still a relatively new kitchen item for Malaysians. People have recognized that they clean well and are incredibly handy, thus they are becoming more and more popular these days.


Dishwashers come in three primary categories on the market: free-standing, countertop, and built-in.


The majority of individuals can use freestanding and countertop dishwashers since they are the simplest to install. If you want your kitchen to have the right aesthetics, you may choose a built-in dishwasher.


Bosch Series 4 SMS46GI01P


The wirecutter and consumer report are just two of the numerous reputable reviewers that consistently rank Bosch dishwashers as the best.


The Bosch Series 4 SMS46GI01P has a capacity of 12 place settings, or around 11–12 people. For small to medium-sized families, it is ideal. If your household is tiny, you may gather all the dirty dishes and wash them all at once after supper.


For more cutlery storage, the dishwasher has VarioFlex baskets. Users of the Rackmatic System rack system have the most freedom since they can alter the basket height by up to 5 cm even when it's completely filled.


The motor in this dishwasher is an EcoSilence Drive. It is a brushless DC motor, which is incredibly power-effective and silent. About 46dB of noise is produced when the dishwasher is in use.


This dishwasher has a total of 6 programs: Pre-Rinse, IntensivePlus, Auto, Eco, Quick Wash 65°C, and Quick Wash 45°C. You mostly just need to operate it on Auto mode, which offers the finest cleaning results. In accordance with the degree of soiling, it automatically modifies the temperature and water use.


Beko Dishwasher DFN05R11W


Another well-known manufacturer of dishwashers is Beko. Bosch dishwashers Malaysia are widely used as comparisons. There is a 13-place setting limit for this Beko dishwasher. It offers a lot of versatility for customers to arrange for cleaning large kitchen utensils like pots and pans thanks to its sliding cutlery basket and adjustable plates support.


Five distinct washing cycles are offered: Eco 50°C, Intensive 70°C, Clean & Shine, Quick & Shine, and Mini 30°C. Additionally, there is a Half Load option for washing only a few dishes. Only one of the top or lower baskets has to be loaded in order for the washer to begin using less water and time.


Toshiba DW-14F1


One of the more well-liked dishwasher models on Lazada/Shopee is the Toshiba DW-14F2. because it offers more affordable prices than Beko and Toshiba.


The Toshiba DW-14F2 offers a ton of excellent features for less than RM 2000. It has a dual wash zone, UV LED sterilizer function, and is classified as having A++ energy efficiency.


The dimensions of this Toshiba washing machine are 59.8 x 60 x 84.5 cm. The 14 place settings it can hold are the most of any dishwashing model we've reviewed so far. It is therefore perfect for a large household.


With a cutlery bin, sliding cutlery tray, height-adjustable top rack, and folding flip tines, the dishwasher is incredibly adaptable. All kitchenware and utensils may fit in the machine with ease.


Auto Daily, Hygiene, Eco, Glass, 90 Minute, and Rapid modes are the six distinct washing programs. There are two new choices for Power Wash and Extra Drying. With all of these functions, this dishwasher gives you the best cleaning possible.


The Toshiba DW-14F1 dishwashing machine has twin washing zones, just like the Beko Dishwasher DFN05R11W. You may wash dishes in small batches with it. The dishes may be placed on either the top or lower rack, and the appropriate spray arm can be used to clean them.


Being able to get the Toshiba DW-14F1 dishwasher for only RM1,899 is almost a deal given all the functions it has to offer.


Electrolux Compact Dishwasher - ESF6010BW productnation


A small 55cm dishwasher with deep enough storage for effective dishwashing, the ESF6010BW has six distinct automated cleaning routines. productnation


This appliance may be placed anywhere there is a water outlet, and it is highly suggested for people who don't have a lot of room but yet want a dishwasher. You may either put it into your kitchen or leave it on the counter thanks to its freestanding design.


With the multiple-washing program, you may select the precise cleaning setting required for a certain wash cycle. You can rest certain that this dishwasher is among the most energy-efficient ones on the market thanks to the offered Eco wash mode.


Many current customers have discussed how this appliance has greatly enhanced their life; some have even remarked that this dishwasher "washes better than ordinary hand washing." They are also happy with how simple it is to install, how quiet it is, and how little room it takes up. However, several consumers did draw attention to the fact that the dishwashing detergent occasionally fails to dissolve correctly.


Toshiba DW-08T1


For the money, the Toshiba DW-08T1 tabletop dishwasher has the finest features and abilities. It has 8 place settings and measures 55 x 50 x 59.5cm. Small- to medium-sized households can utilize the capacity.


Despite being a countertop dishwasher, this one is actually rather roomy. You can clean silverware, mugs, and small dishes on the top rack. You may wash dishes, soup bowls, and even small pots on the lowest rack.


The Toshiba DW-08T1 has 7 pre-installed programs. It offers options for hygiene, normal, eco, glass, 90 minutes, rapid cleaning, and self-cleaning. In the hygiene mode, 99.99% of germs are destroyed by washing in water that is up to 70°C.

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